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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models

17e eeuw

Unique ship model of a 17th century inland liner barge.

Dimentions: 72 x 63 x 23 cm. (over all)
Scale: 1:33
Not an antique.

Wreck number B71

After reclamation of the IJssellake polders more than 400 shipwrecks were found on the bottom of the former Zuyder Zee. Archaologists document the spot where something is found and leave the wrecks in the ground which is the best way to preserve these ships.
Wreck number B71, found under the city of Lelystad, was an unique discovery. The ship sank on her side in the mud and because of that it was rather well preserved. It provided valuable information about the appearance of an inland liner barge in the 17th century. The wreck however was lying in the way for a building site and is therefore carefully removed. A pavilion will be built in the city of Lelystad in order to show it to the general public.
The foundation “Historisch Maritiem Zwolle” set themselves the target to built a replica of this ship. For promotion and fundraising the company Bart was requested to built a complete model of the ship. Of course the rigging and other details were missing for which a study of old literature and paintings had to bring a solution. A challenge which was brought to a happy conclusion.
Lets hope that wreck number B71 one day will sail over the former Zuyder Zee in all its glory.

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