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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models


Unique ship model of the trainingship of the Rotterdamsche Lloyd

Dimensions: 110 x 34 x 92 cm. (over all)
Scale: 1 : 33
Price: to be agreed.
Incl. 19% VAT
Excl. display case
EXW Papendrecht.
Not an antique

The training ship of the Rotterdamsche Lloyd.

The “ALBATROS”, a pilotschooner, was constructed in 1920 in the yard of Boele’s Machinefabriek en Scheepswerf at Slikkerveer and sailed for the Dutch pilotage untill 1929. Thereafter she was sold to Germany where she, a.o. was used for the German navy as a weather ship near Cape Horn. In 1948 the ship was bought by the Rotterdamsche Lloyd to be used as a sailing training ship for there own personnal. Obviously this was not a success because by 1951 she was already laid up. She was sold in 1954 to Mr. Ernest K. Gann in Pebble Beach, California. He was a famous pilot and author. He used the “ALBATROS” in the movie “Twilight of the Gods”. Later the ship was sold to the American, Sheldon. On May 2nd, 1961, during a trip with American secondary students in the Caribbean, the ship was surprised by a tornado, capsized and sank. Six people, among them the wife of the captain, died.

The model shows the “ALBATROS” as she most probably looked during her time of the Lloyd period. The ship had a small bridge at that time, which is omitted due to lack of details

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