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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models


Unique ship model of the
raised quarterdeck coaster

Dimentions: 134 x 23 x 59 cm.
Scale: 1 : 33
not an antique
Price: EURO.3200,00 incl. VAT 
exl. displaycase
Hire or hire-purchase EURO.50,00
per month excl. VAT.

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Raised quarterdeck coaster. 

The motor ship “CASCADE” was built in 1937 at the shipyard of J. Pattje in Waterhuizen/NL It was a ship of 415 tons with a Brons engine of 220 hp. Co owner was Dr. Allard Lambertus Oosterhuis, known as the leader of the resistance group “Zwaantje” in Delfzijl. Hij organized a smuggling route to Stockholm which was called “The Swedish Line”.
In October 1941 the ship was confiscated by the Kriegsmarine and converted into “Schweren Artillerie Träger” (SAT) under the name of SAT-11, In august 1944 she was sunk by war in the Gironde. The wreck however could be salvaged. After the war she came back to her old owner. The ship remained until 1969 in the shipping and was then converted for recreational fishing off the Dutch coast. After a short time to have a Panamanian owner, the old ship was finally demolished in Exmouth/UK in 1983.