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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models


Unique ship model of theUnique ship model of the Danish cutter “E-1 Claus Sörensen” .

Dimensions: 101 x 31 x 88 cm
Scale: 1:17
Price: EURO.2850,00
Not an antique.




A rough and sturdy wooden boat.

A customer with a very special wish sometimes makes it difficult for you, but it is alo a challence to successfully complete such an order. It is not so easy to get data from a Danish cutter in the Netherlands. But the “Fiskeri- og Söfartsmuseet Esbjerg” brought the solution. With the greatest sympathy, drawings of a fishing cutter were promptly sent as well as photos of the “Claus Sörensen”.

The “E-1 Claus Sörensen” was built in 1931 in Esbjerg/Denmark and sails in her old age as a museum ship. The public has the opportunity to sail.

Videos on You Tube and Facebook provided additional information and so, from a distance, the model of a rugged, sturdy wooden boat was created. All ship so to speak.

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