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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models


Unique ship model of the clipperaak "GEBA"

Dimensions: 101 x 19 x 69 cm.
Scale:  1:33
Not an antique.






With a horse’s rear end and sore arm.

A clipperaak is, like the name implies, a crossing between two different ship types. The bow of a clipper and the stern of a Hasselter aak. Skippers usually talk about a clipper with a “horse’s rear”. They were especially common near the month of the river IJssel.
This clipperaak was constructed in 1911 at Dedemsvaart. After sailing for other owners, she  was renamed “GEBA” in 1936, according to the initials of the new owner and his wife. They were from Hasselt. The ship was outfitted with a 15 HP Deutz engine with a side propeller, usually known as a “sore arm”. Later the mast was replaced to the foredeck for the construction of discharging equipment. Those changes did not improve the appearance of the ship but they were practical.
Unfortunately the skipper passed away in 1954. The “GEBA” was sold and his family moved to America.
The next owner was Weener’s Handels and Transportonderneming at Zwolle, who renamed this ship “EXPEDITIE 5”. A wheelhouse was added and a 50 HP engine in the stern. Most probably the ship was scrapped in 1977.

You never forget the ship on which you ever grew up. Even if you live the rest of your live along the coast of the Pacific Ocean with the sole memento of a indistinct picture and some memories. So, it must mean a lot to get a model of your ship. The company Bart was commissioned. After the ship model was finished, she made a trip to where the real “GEBA” never dreamed of. She went to America!