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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models

De jonge Bastiaan

Unique Ship model of the Arnemuidse hoogaars "DE JONGE BASTIAAN" (ARM 24).

Dimensions: 52 x 15 x 41 cm. (over all)
Scale: 1 : 33
Price: € 600,00,-
Incl. 19 % V.A.T.
Excl. display case
Ex works Papendrecht
Not an antique.


Zealand's Fishing Ship.

The "Arnemuidse Hoogaars" with her pronounced graceful lines, is the preeminent symbol of the Zealand fishery. The ship was very functional for fishing on the waters of Zealand. With less draught she was suitable for sailing the gullies that more or less stood clear of water at the low tide. Characteristic of the Hoogaars was also that within the thirties of the last century she carried the centuries-old spritsail. On board she usually had a shrimp boiler, enabling the fisherman to boil their haul immediately; so the shrimp was ready for sale at arrival. Mr. Jules van Beylen, curator of the National Maritime Museum in Antwerp, wrote an exhaustive description of the "Arnemuidse Hoogaars". His book, in which the ARM-24 "De Jonge Bastiaan" was used as an example, was a guideline for the building of this model.

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