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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models


Unique ship model of the Rotterdam harbourtug "Finland"

Dimensions: 68 x 17 x 39 cm.
Scale: 1 : 33
Price: to be agreed
Excl. 19% V.A.T.
Incl. display case
Not an antique
To view at:
      Het Hanzehuis vof
      Noord 2
      8715 HR Stavoren


The hull of the steam tug "Finland" was constructed in 1918 at the yard of De Groot & van Vliet at Slikkerveer.
It was finished in 1921 by the yard of P. Smit Jr., in Rotterdam. The tug was ordered by the Rotterdam steamtug company v/h P. Smit Jr.

Length: 22,48 m.
Width: 5,27 m.
Draught: 2,50 m.
Steamengine: 200 IHP - 3 cylinder triple expansion.


The harbourtug "Finland" mainly assisted seagoing vessels in the Rotterdam harbour. As from 1931 untill 1936 she was chartered under the name "Arabe" to the Anglo Algerian Coaling Company in Oran. In 1937 she was chartered to the pontoneers brigade of the Dutch army to safeguard the waters of the Oosterschelde.
Beginning in 1943 she was used for the transportation of food across the IJssel lake between Lemmer and Amsterdam. On the 22nd of March 1949 she was sold to the "Steenkolen Handels Vereeniging" in Rotterdam and renamed "Hercules".

She was sold again in 1965 to the "'s Gravenhaagsche en Vlaardinger Stoomsleepdienst" in Vlaardingen.
Since 1976 the old tugboat is under the care of the foundation "Stoomstichting Nederland" in Rotterdam. Nowadays she is still sailing with her steam engine. Owner is Mr. D.C. Vastenhout in Rotterdam.

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