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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models


Unique ship model of the barge “GOUWESTROOM“.

Demensions: 78 x 12 x 45 cm.
Schaal: 1:33
Not an antique.







Regular barge service.

There was a time when the barge skipper, in addition to the mayor, the pastor, doctor and notary, belonged to the notables of a village. After all, he was the man who visited the big world and brought back reports of what was happening there. The development of the railways and later car traffic and further improved communication has radically changed this. The barge service was increasingly reduced. A ship from the latter days of this barge period was the “Risico”, one in 1924 in the yard of the widow Duyvendijk at Gouderak constructed barge.

After a working life, the barge came to standstill on the poles of the lift bridge at Boskoop. There it lay slowly rusting for a long time.

However her career had not yet ended. Enthusiastic ship lovers started a many years of restoration and made the barge under the name “Gouwestroom”, suitable for both habitation and a holiday ship which they enjoyed for 18 years. Unfortunately, family expansion caused the need to sell their beloved ship and find a home ashore.

Ship models are almost always something for older men. But here it was the young mother who initiated a worthy memory of a very special time in their lives; a ship model.

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