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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models


Unique ship model of the little tug “HUGO”

Dimentions: 45 x 11 x 19 cm.
Scale: 1:33
Price: EURO.750,00
Incl. 19 % BTW.
Excl. display case
Not an antique



Just a nice little tug

A little tug, especially low constructed and with a short mast, is called an "Amsterdammertje". They were used for towing deck barges from the amsterdam seaport to the warehouses in the city. The small height and small dimentions were very handy in the typical little channels and arched bridges.

One could see such a little boat like busily whirligig beetle on the water, prettily painted and nastily plopping. To an Amsterdammertje certainly belonged an amsterdam man, Living his life on such a boat and put his heart and soul in it. Most probably he was a happy man.

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