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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models

Jobje en Cornelia

Unique ship model of the Dutch herringdrifter "Jobje en Cornelia" (SCH-181)
Dimensions: 106 x 22 x 69 cm.
(over all)
Scale: 1 : 33
Price to be agreed.
Excl. 19% V.A.T.
Incl. display case, dimensions 119 x 27 x 78 cm.
Ex works Papendrecht.
Not an antique.


Description: The herring drifter "Jobje en Cornelia" ( was built in 1915 on the well known shipyard of Mr. A. de Jong in Vlaardingen on behalf of Mr. W. Zuurmond.

Lenght: (about) 25 meters.
Width: 6,53 meters.
Draught: (about)1,85 meters.
Gross tonnage: 95 tons.

Jobje en Cornelia

Mr. W. Zuurmond was sailing with his drifter untill 1925. As from that year Mr. E. Zuurmond became the new owner. De next owner was Mr. S. Taal in 1927, who renamed her in "CLARA JOHANNA". In 1929 a 100 h.p engine was built in and in 1939 she was lengthened to 28,71 meters.
In World War II this ship was very soon seized by the German army and only in 1946 the authorities returned her to the owner. In 1951 the engine was renewed to a 150 h.p. one. Mr. Taal died in 1960 and, after a period of hire-purchase, his ship was sold to the NV Verre Visserijcomp. in Scheveningen.

The end of the drifter came in 1965 as the old ship was sold for scrapping to NV Koophandel at Nieuw Lekkerland.

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