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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models


 Unique ship model of the Rotterdam tugboat:               


Dimentions: 70 x 21 x 38cm.                                       
Scale: 1:33
Not an antique.

A Rotterdam tugboat.

This tug was built in 1954 in the shipyard Bodewes at Millingen on Rhine.A MAN engine of 325 Hp. was installed.
She was one of a series of more tugboatof the same design. 
With their bold shapes and circular pilothouse they were known throughout Rotterdam and destined for assisting seagoing ships. In 1988 the boat was sold to Stolk in Hendrik Ido Ambacht and later spent some time in England. In 2002 she returned to the Netherlands and today she belongs to the ship collection of the Towage Museum in Maassluis.