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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models

Luxe motor

Unique ship model of the
Luxe Motor


Dimensions: 80 x 14 x 47 cm.
Scale: 1:33
Price: EURO 1500,00 (Incl 19% VAT)
Excl. display case
EX works Papendrechtt
Not an antique.
To view:
      Vereniging "De Binnenvaart"
      Dordrecht (every Thursday)
      Inquiries at the desk.


The first motor ship.

When the oil engine became reliable for propulsion, many ship owners ordered engines for their ships. However their ships were designed for sailing and an engine had some disadvantages. Therefore as from around the year 1920 the first original motor ships were launched. Their size ran from 60 up to almost 450 tons. Because of the fact they were used many times as inland liner vessels, they were often referred to as "beurtmotor" (linerbarge)
As freighter nowadays these ships are not used often; but these fine lined ships are popular as houseboat, yacht or mothership for sea scouts. One can still meet these ships all over The Netherlands. On some of them you still can see the tropical wood paneled interior of their cabin, the reason why this type of ship is known in The Netherlands as Luxery motor.
The Dutch river landscape on a beautiful, silent summerevening, was in the past unimaginable without the familiar sound of a late "beurtmotor".

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