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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models


Unique ship model of the barge:


Dimensions: 105 x 20 x 63 cm. (all over)
Scale: 1:33
Not an antique.


This word means literally "little cupboard". Dutch skippers are using this name for a small Frisian standard barge. In spite of the name it is not a specific Frsian type of ship.
The name only means that such barges had standard dimensions for sailing the province of Friesland.
They had a maximum length of 31,50 meters and were built in the beginning of the 20th century in large numbers.
They were made of iron and in that period considered as large sailingships.

The "EGBERDINA" was built in 1913 on the yard of the Gebr. Prins in Gouderak.
In her long life she had several owners. In 1937 the ship became an engine. Later she also became discharging equipment.
It is a somewhat stubby ship but therefore, and this fact was most likely much more interesting for her owners, a rather large loading capacity of 238 tons.
In spite of her stubby appearance this ship has her charm with a somewhat tumble home shaped rail and a rather rectangular stirn.

The model was built by taking measurements of the hull, an old picture postcard on which the rear side as sailingship can be seen, and several family pictures of a later period.
Also mister Warner Smeding (age 89) from Rotterdam, who grew up on this ship, could provide valuable information.

The "EGBERDINA", almost 100 years old, now spent her last days as a houseboat in the Mercuriusdock in Amsterdam.
She is a good example of a Dutch inland barge closely involved in the ups and downs of several skipperfamilies.

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