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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models


Unique ship model of the Frisian tjalk “DE MAZE”

Dimensions 98 x 19 x 85 cm.
Scale 1:20
Not an antique







Transport of materials used by farmers for compost, was the normal work of the Dutch “tjalks” in Friesland. With their shallow draught and small dimensions they were able to reach every corner of the province. Most certainly also this tjalk did this job. The job ended with the invention of fertilizer, which meant the end for many inland and seagoing sailingships. This tjalk became a houseboat, which is often the beginning of an easy end. However, this was not to be the ending for this tjalk. In the year 1960 the fine lines of this Frisian tjalk were rediscovered and reconstruction as a sailing yacht began. Meanwhile, the next generation is already sailing around with her. The tjalk “DE MAZE” was built in 1906 in the yard from “De Roos en v.d. Meide” in Leeuwarden. In 2006 the centennial celebration of the ship was graced with a party where friends of the proud owner requested to purchase a model of his ship. The company Bart was awarded this job. According to Frisian tradition, where each city had his own colour, she became the colour of the Frisian capital city Leeuwarden: off-white.















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