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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models


Unique ship model of the botter MK-63

Dimensions: 54 x 18 x 62cm
Scale: 1:25
Not an antique





A fishingship of the Zuyder Zee

The botter is the most famous fishing vessel of the Zuyder Zee. With a high bow against the short waves of the lake and a low after end in order to get in the nets easily, it was well equipped for fishery on the lake.

The botter MK-63 is built in 1912 in the yard of De Haas in Monnickendam on behalf of Mr. Jan Uithuisje from Marken. The ship was used for fishery untill 1954. In 1956 Mr. K. Vlaanderen from Huizen became the owner. He used the ship for recreation. It appears that thereafter she was sunk for two years in the river Vecht.

Finally Mr. Peter Dorleijn bought this ship and gave it a full recovery. Mr. Dorleijn has become well known in the country as a designer and author of different books about the fishery on the Zuyder Zee.

His botter is considered as the most original specimen of the present fleet of old Botters. The dimensions are 12,70 x 4,20 meters.

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