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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models

Oane Jacoba

Groninger tjalk "Oane Jacoba"

Dimensions: 98 x 18 x 67 cm.
Scale: 1 : 33
Not an antique



“That’s him!”

This picture shows the tjalk “OANE JACOBA”, lying against a fringe of reeds outside the village Rijpwetering. This ship was built in 1903 in Dedemsvaart in a yard which shorty before had changed their work from wood into iron. The shape of a wooden ship can still be found in the somewhat remarkable lines of the hull. Plans were not usual in those days. One just made a calculation on the backside of a cigar box, joined each other in a drink and the matter was settled. Thereafter the boss of the yard started to work with just the naked eye and perhaps some moulds.
After a long life as freighter that always kept the same appearance, the tjalk was remodeled inside and equipped as a houseboat. But the possibility to sail with her remained. The family enjoyed their hollidays on board on the IJssel lake and the Dutch Wadden.
It can be very romantic to live in the hull of a ship but for ever…?
With a heavy heart the ship was finally sold and replaced by a more common houseboat on the same spot.
The company Bart received the honour to measure the ship very carefully and to make a model. The family hopes the ship’s model will help keep alive the memories of a very special period in their lives. It brought the builder the best compliment one can get: “That’s him!”









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