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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models


Unique ship model of the famous Dutch ocean tug "Schelde"

Dimensions: 131 x 24,5 x 75 cm.
Scale: 1 : 33
Price: to be agreed.
Excl. 19% V.A.T.
Incl. display case
Ex works Papendrecht.
Not an antique.

The seagoing tug "SCHELDE" was constructed in 1926 at the shipyard P. Smit Jr. in Rotterdam, on behalf of L. Smit & Co's Internationale Sleepdienst.

Lenght: 43,80 m.
Width: 8,10 m.
Draught: 4,06 m.
Propulsion: 900 IHP.


The 'Schelde' was in 1928 one of the eight tugs, who where involved in towing the enormous Singapore drydock from Wallsend-on Tyne/UK to Singapore. At the beginning of Worldwar II, the ship was required by the Dutch Navy under the number ''BV 1', later 'BV 37'.

After to occupation of The Netherlands by the Germans she could on the 17th of May 1940, in a narrow escape from the port of Flushing through the minefields, sail to England. There she belonged under her captain Jan Kalkman to the tugs saving many ships who where damaged due to hostilities. She was also involved by the famous landing of the allies in the Normandy by towing parts of the so called Mulberry ports.

At the end the vessel arrived in November 1954 in the Dutch village Hendrik Ido Ambacht to be scrapped. It was the end of, according to many crewmembers, a very fine and ideal ship.

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