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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models

Sea Diver II

Unique ship model of the tug "SEA DIVER II"

Dimensions: 80 x 21 x 54 cm.
Scale: 1: 33
Not an antique.

From New Guinea until the United States.

The tug "SEA DIVER II" is the former Dutch navy tug "WAMBRAU" (A-871). She was built in 1956 in the navy yard Willemsoord in Den Helder under nr.52. She was constructed for service in the Dutch colony New Guinea and on 09.02.1957 shipped on board the freighter "RIOUW" for transport to Singapore. From there she sailed on her own to Sorong.

As New Guinea had to be handed over to Indonesia, the "WAMBRAU" returned in October 1962 to The Netherlands on board the freighter "SCHIELLOYD". Thereafter she was in navy service as assistance tug on the coast and in the navy harbour Den Helder until 1987 after which she was sold

Former sailors from that time are still speaking with passion about "their ship." One of them. Mr. De Betué, wrote a book about it titled "Chuck a Rope for Her Majesty".

The ship was sold to America in 1989 were she was used for some time as a mother ship for sport divers. She became the name "SEA DIVER II". Also the American owner sold the ship again. It seems that she is now in service on Lake Erie with her home port in Toledo/Ohio under the name of "JOSEPHINE".

But the American owner also loved the fine lined ship and ordered the construction of this model. By means of a plan and many pictures, received from America, the model was built. Finally the model left, just as her real life predecessor, to the States.

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