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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models

Swarte schaep

Unique ship model of the
Staverse jol



Dimensions: 51 x 13 x 53 cm. (over all)
Scale: 1:20
Not an antique.

The Staverse jol.

This fishingship of the old Zuyderzee looks quit different from most of the other round and flatbottomships. She is missing the usual leeboards, has less swallow, a keel along the whole length of the ship and a remarkable large and round hull.
Probably this type is designed for the fishing on anchovy for which finemeshed nets must be used.The smooth round hull without outstanding parts, which could damage the nets, was and advantage. Just like other fishingships this type is also constructed as a yacht these days. The high round bow and the large width makes her very suitable for sailing the rough waters of the Ijssellake.

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