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FA. Bart Historic Ship Models

The cutter Obelikx


The cutter “OBELIKX”

Dimensions: 82 x 21 x 68 cm
Scale: 1 : 20
Not an antique




Not an old ship this time. The cutter “OBILIKX” is from 1982 and was constructed in the yard of De Klerk at Kruispolderhaven. This yard constructed a series of little cutters for fishery. Three of them were finished as yachts. The “OBELIKX” was one of them. The ship is 14 meters long, 4,20 meters wide and has a draft of 1,80 meters. She has a powerfull 120 HP engine and her two masts are rigged for sailing. This is mainly done for stability at sea. As befits a modern ship, she is fully equipped for the pleasure of her owners.

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