touw rechts
FA. Bart Historic Ship Models


Unique ship model of a
salmon scow

Dimensions: 41 x 11 x 29 cm
Scale: 1:20
Price: Euro .550,00
Excl. display case
EXW Papendrecht.
Not an antique

A native boat.

A boat you can still often find in the delta area of the rivers Rhine and Maas, where Papendrecht is also situated, is the salmon scow (zalmschouw) also called drifter boat (drijversschuit)
It's a boat for river fishing with the fore part of a scow whereas the stern has an upright and pointed shape. The rather high bow makes this little ship seaworthy enough for the wide rivers in the delta whereas the after part is very suitable for handling the fishing nets. Rudder and leeboards disturbing these handlings and are removable.
These boats usually have a low rigging with an old-fashioned spritsail. There sail performance is not very special and mainly used to sail to the setted fishing nets. The forepart of the open boat can be covered by a hood giving shelter to the fisherman and makes it possible to spend the night on the boat..
The salmon scow is especially popular among the traditional inhabitants of the delta area. They even started a club to preserve the salmon scow, which can be found under the following link:

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